Welcome to Rain Tree Spirit. This is an eclectic spiritual space for fine art and thought-provoking discussions.

Eclectic spirituality refuses labels. Bits of Buddhism, Christianity, New Thought, and Wicca find their way into my practice along with meditation and affirmative prayer.

Self-love, humility, service, and kindness are radical responses to the violence, hatred, and chaos of modern “civilization.”

It’s okay to opt out of society’s indoctrination. In fact, I encourage it. My prayer is that we focus so intently on the world we want, the world of our dreams, that the world we currently live in fades into oblivion, like an evolutionary relic.

My goal is to inspire and encourage you to do life in your own way, to be an example of authenticity and godliness in your circle of influence.

Together, let’s call the world, and ourselves, to a higher standard…

Peace and love,