Welcome to Rain Tree Spirit. The purpose of this website is to celebrate the fair sex and people of color. I believe in revolutionary change, but that must be individualized and expressed in your own unique way.

My way is to counter the negative and stereotypical media images of people of color with positive, representational images and portrayals. I believe that women and people of color MUST be financially abundant and independent. Money will always be tied to power, so we must have money.

We must also radically love ourselves as an act of protest against forces that want us to be fearful, self-hating, insecure, dependent, harmless, laughable, and non-threatening.

This space is one in which women and people of color can discuss the issues that matter most to our collective success and well-being. My opinions are just my opinions, so respectful dialogue is welcome.

I hope you come away each week feeling inspired to do life in your own way and share your successes. I am building my empire right alongside of you, starting from nothing. I’ve made mistakes but I never quit.

Together, let’s take this world and raise it to a higher standard!