So, What’s Karen’s Story?

Whenever I watch these types of videos – and, really, if you’ve seen one of them, you’ve seen them all – I’m always baffled. It’s hard to get my mind around the unmitigated nerve and shameless gall that these people have to walk up to people they don’t know, accost them, demand information from them, and then take it upon themselves to police them – or worse yet, call the police on them!

There must have been some pompous, privileged, “not-about-nothing” woman who started it all with a memo. But, really, what we are witnessing is the power of social conditioning. White women – and men! – have been conditioned to believe that…

  1. What they want, need, and desire is all that really matters.
  2. Black people have a literal “place” where they are supposed to dwell at all times. And if they ever catch you outside of that “place,” they feel they have a duty to rectify the situation. If literally blocking your movement (and, by the way, if they really thought we were as violent as their media makes us out to be, they wouldn’t be doing any of this. This is evidence that they know it’s all bullshit!) is what it takes, they think that’s perfectly reasonable (not against other white people, of course – only against you and “your kind”).
  3. They are supposed to be: higher, better, richer, prettier, more-first, more-everything, than you, if you are not white. And, if they happen to be out and about, and see something that contradicts this notion, (for example, if they see a black person happily going about their own business outside of that mythical place where we are supposed to stay at all times) they assume that something is wrong – and that the police – or themselves – as the self-deputized SuperWhiteWoman will make it right again.
  4. Because society says that racism is “bad,” and because they, as white people, believe they are everything good, pure, and holy, they could not possible be a racist, i.e., “bad,” no matter how racist their actual behavior actually is.

Now, if you are a white person and you are NOT a “Karen,” I can only imagine how mortifying she must be to you. You must wonder “Are people looking at me, thinking that I’M a Karen?” Well, to be honest, kind of. But, all you have to do to overcome that is to be yourself. Most people of color are willing to give anyone a chance, not based on color. We haven’t been conditioned by society to think in such racist ways, in general. If you don’t behave like a bigot, you won’t be treated like one. But, because of “Karen,” you may be looked at with suspicion at first.

However, there is a real darkness to the mindset of Karen (and her male counterpoint – Craig, maybe?) that isn’t funny, and must be addressed. That is the notion that black people, and others of darker hue, are ALWAYS supposed to be:

  1. Poor
  2. Miserable
  3. Last
  4. Suffering
  5. In custody
  6. Someplace else – anyplace else

So, if you are a person of color, there is good news to all this. You are not obligated to march in the streets in order to protest. In order to resist the false doctrine and cancer of white supremacy, all you have to do is reject the narrative that has been created for you. That is, you must be everything that infuriates all the Karens and Craigs of this world:

  1. Be wealthy, financially independent (or at least out of consumer debt)
  2. Be joyous (God is your strength, source, and supply)
  3. Be “first” by walking in dignity, creating a stable life, and loving your neighbor as yourself
  4. Be happy, generous, and resilient (we are nothing if not resilient!)
  5. Be obedient to the law (unless the law is itself inhuman, unjust, and unconstitutional)
  6. Be wherever you want to be, and be hold your head high (but park far away from folks so Karen the moron can’t block your vehicle!)

Exposing this nonsense is important in the short run. It’s not important for Karen and Craig because these people have no shame. So it doesn’t necessarily help them – it helps the people who still don’t know how much this stuff goes on. If you are a non-Karen or a non-Craig, just know that every non-white person you know has story after story of preposterous things happen to them that you would not believe – unless, of course, it were caught on YouTube!

So, while we acknowledge the darkness, we are agents of light. Let your light so shine before men (and Craig and Karen), that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

With love,


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